Maria Rubinke
Maria Rubinke


In the fringes between sleep and life they fly
The black birds and the white
Hushed, silent they soar through the air like bullets
From a snipers riffle in the trees

Lost little girls blindly pace in circles
Naked, nervous, searching
Anxious, they look for things they’ll never find
It hides behind them every time they turn around

It gnaws at their flesh, it’s in their bones
This is their living nightmare
On the surface, on the outside they seem perfect
But in here, nothing will ever be quite right

In here, shame has taken root in innocence
In here, the darkness is too quiet
In here, witchcraft lurks
In here, temptation has a solid form

RED, blood, BLACK, shit, WHITE, fuck of! LEAVE!
You can never enter here, never ever you can
NEVER! You can never see me like this
China red button, white dashboard

Everything turns black, where’s my head at?
It’s hard to see without my eyes
I can hear it rumble in the distance, the bomb
The angels scream, I scream, we all scream

I scream till there’s nothing left
I scratch my eyes out, poke holes in my skin
This is my cross to bear
It makes me gag

I’m the porcelain princess with the darkest of minds
I’m golden tears, maimed in flight
Frayed by roses, drifting among birds
In the fringe between sleep and life we float