Maria Rubinke
Maria Rubinke


Everything is glossy in widescreen format
The porcelain white eyes reflect it all
Even the darkest dark reflects back the white,
In a gruel of stage blood and the tablets of happiness

Like a toothless cogwheel, hollywood spins around
With the deaf-mute entertainer alone on the stage
Standing up for nothing, famous for naught
The porcelain white teeth of the skull grin,
Reflecting the life that vanished with the flesh

The whitest of brides with ruby nails is wed
To the widow of certain contacts
From a world prior to the artificial flowers

The lobotomy of the greasy mass
Catches the last bewildered thought
While the lackeys of the church, hands up and eyes down,
Negotiate with him, the whitest of white,
Who mirrors a disbelief we have to believe